Constructed on a 2/3 acre redevelopment site in Downtown Kirkwood, Walker Park serves the needs of many consituent groups. Working from a park master plan provided by others, Loomis Associates project team developed construction documents for the entire park, including all hardscape, seating areas, gazebo, playground, signage, fencing, landscape, and irrigation. Loomis also provided construction administration for the park construction.

Metal Entry Sign

An entry signage truss incorporates shapes and details harkening back to the importance of railroads to the origin of Kirkwood.

Stone Entry Sign

Preservation of many large trees on the property and the use of context appropriate materials such as stone, precast concrete, flowering shrubs and ornamental metals are keys to the integration of the park into the fabric of the neighborhood.

Pavilion and Seating Area

A standard gaezbo design was customized by the addition of stone pilasters, built in benches and unique metal detailing and brackets.

Seating Area

A manufactured playground with custom elements, custom playground surfacing, chess tables, a water feature, benches and a drinking fountain are key program elements.

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